POLL: 1000 Twitter Users Choose Anime Worth Preserving For Future Generations

Very different poll results were found from the original TV poll

Fuji TV recently broadcast the result of the poll that collected votes from one hundred and thirty thousand people in Japan to decide the anime titles to be preserved for the future after the first 50 years of anime production history. Many Twitter users who saw the results had different opinions and started posting their votes with a hash tag and Japanese site Da Vinci Denshi Navi collected the first 1000 tweets with the hash tag and here are the results.


#1 Cowboy Bebop  22 votes




#2 Gintama and Ghost In The Shell series  19 votes

Note from the original author: Votes for Ghost In The Shell series were counted together (Ghost In The Shell received 9 votes and Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex received 10 votes).





#4 Card Captor Sakura, Digimon series and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann  17 votes



#7 Revolutionary Girl Utena  15 votes




#8 s-CRY-ed and Attack On Titan  14 votes





#10 ARIA series, Mononoke and Puella Magi Madoka Magica  11 votes





#13 CLANNAD, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Fullmetal Alchemist series  10 votes





#16 Planetes, Denno Coil (A Coil - Circle Of Children), Mushishi  9 votes







#19 Angel Beats!, serial experiments lain, Onegai My Melody, K-ON! and Bomberman Jetters 8 votes







#24 Anohana, Code Geass series, Artificial insect KABUTO BORG Victory by Victory, Armored Trooper Votoms and Space Runaway Ideon  7 votes



Let's compare the result of Fuji TV poll and how many votes each show received from the twitter users.


TV result #1 Sazae-san got 1 vote

TV result #2 Doraemon got 5 vote

TV result #3 My Neighbor Totoro got 1 vote

TV result #4 Folktales From Japan got 3 vote

TV result #5 Dragon Ball got 3 vote (Including 2 votes only acknowledging the first DB)

TV result #6 One Piece got 0 vote

TV result #7 Case Closed got 1 vote (Miyazaki Hayao's Future Boy Conan got 4 votes)

TV result #8 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind got 0 vote

TV result #9 Astro Boy got 0 vote

TV result #10 Heidi, Girl of the Alps got 1 vote

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