"One Piece: Romance Dawn" RPG Lets You Fight Pandaman on 3DS

Joke character joins the port along with bonus dungeons

One Piece: Romance Dawn—an RPG based on Eiichiro Oda's hit that was originally released for PSP—landed on 3DS in Japan this week, and the port has some pretty cool bonus features. Fans of the series should especially appreciate an opportunity to take on Oda's notorious joke character Pandaman.


Romance Dawn covers nearly 600 chapters from Oda's manga, so there's no shortage of material in the RPG, but the 3DS version still manages to work in extra dungeons that culminate in bosses that are more powerful than before. 



Sidequest dungeons are unlocked via treasure maps, and are randomly generated each time. In addition to facing off against friends and foes alike—including Jinbe, Boa Hancock, Whitebeard, and Ivankov above—players will get to take on Pandaman, pictured below.



While Japan just got Romance Dawn, and it's slated for a European release on November 20, North American fans will unfortunately have to miss out on the adventure. 


Via Siliconera



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