OLDCODEX Chosen Again For "Kuroko's Basketball" 2nd Season Ending

Together again with GRANRODEO, who will sing the opening theme

The Kuroko's Basketball official Twitter account revealed the 2nd season's ending theme will be done by OLDCODEX, with Suzuki Tatsuhisa, the voice of Takao Kazunari as the singer Ta_2, for the second time. GRANRODEO was already announced to perform the opening theme, The Other Self, and this will make it the second time both bands are singing the opening and ending for the series.



The post simply announced the ending theme will be done by OLDCODEX and the song's release date is planned for November 13th. No other details are available at this time.




OLDCODEX performed at GRANRODEO FES 2013 ROUND GR along with Alice Nine and Yousei Teikoku, making it the second time that they shared the stage with GRANRODEO after their performance at KuroBasu Cup 2013, Kuroko's Basketball's official event in the month of July.




By the way, Auguat 10th was the birthday of GRANRODEO's vocalist and the voice of Himuro Tatsuya from Kuroko's Basketball 2nd season Taniyama Kishow. Zettai Karen Children and THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke author Shiina Takashi posted this special illustration of Taniyama's roles for his birthday.

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