Special 2.2m-tall Red Five Figure From "Majestic Prince" Goes Unsold At Comiket

Limited edition of one for 3.25 million yen did not sell out

The Majestic Prince official booth at Summer Comiket C84 prepared a 2.2 meter tall Red 5 statue for sale for 3.25 million yen! Limited to only one in the world they hoped it would sell quickly. Although they did receive a few inquiries, no buyer was found for the figure.


<Day 1>

via @MJP_anime

Official booth was ready to sell the figure, complete with MJP cosplayers.



via @MJP_anime

Besides Red5, the official booth was selling T-shirts in 2 different designs as you see on the models above.



After 40 minutes of the booth being open, the official Twitter account was wondering why this Red5 wasn't sold out yet.






<Day 2>

Since they received no purchase inquiry at all on Day 1, the official account thought Red5 looked a little sad.



Even though no one purchased Red5 yet, there was one inquiry and the Day 2 inventory of the official T-shirts was sold out in both designs.



<Day 3, the last day>

The availability of the Red5 statue made news on MantanWeb. According to the article, its 1/6.5 scale body can be taken apart by the head, the upper and the lower body. However, it requires a 2t. track for transportation which would have been the responsibility of the buyer.


Meanwhile, the T-shirts sold out in both designs fairly quickly and the free special booklet was getting low in Day 3 inventory.



Comiket closed and Red5 stayed. The official Twitter account expressed sadness by referring to the line of the Survey Corps in episode 1 of Attack On Titan that they could not sell Red5 despite of all the effort from the booth staff as a joke. Since the Red5 statue did not sell out, it will instead be used for future promotions.


Photo by Mikikazu Komatsu (except otherwise noted)

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