"Madoka Magica" Girls Get Gym Clothes and Monster Redesigns

"Madoka Magica Online" pays tribute to Obon season season with yokai outfits

 While Westerns tend to think of ghosts and the supernatural around Halloween, about the time that the third Madoka Magica movie is going to be released, in Japan, summer is the season for ghost stories and haunted houses. In the Buddhist tradition, mid-August is the spirit season, in which its a good idea to pay respects to ancestors around August 13th.


In honor of this, the Madoka Magica Online game has given the girls a special yokai redesign.




Another August redesign can be seen in Lawson's gym clothes mini figure.

Six design will be available with the purchase of Asahi Jurokucha or Spiral Grape.

Then, next week, six packs of Wonda Morning Shot and Wanda Kin no Bitou low-sugar will be offered with cheer leader and swim suit clearfiles



Lawson is also offering a 2014 planner


Incentives offered with purchase recoets


 Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji is also geating up for a new prize lottery with some interesting designs.

A Prize bishoujo char Madoka


B Prize bishoujo chara Homura


C prize bishoujo chara Mami


D Prize Bishoujo chara Sayaka

E Prize bishoujo Kyoko

F prize posters


 G Prize witch glasses


H Prize clear files


I prize cell straos



Ultimate prize - illustration duplicate

Second change prize - alt colors Homura


via Matao Magi



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