POLL: Japanese Working Men Choose Which "Attack On Titan" Character They'd Work Under

Who's the boss? 263 Japanese working professional men answered poll

If you were to choose your boss out of the Attack On Titan characters, who would you like to report to? That was the question on My Navi News in July and 263 Japanese working professional males answered. Here are the top 5 and the reasons why they voted for the character. The results may surprise you.



#1 Eren Jaeger  22.8%


"Absolutely Eren. He is strong, kind and I'm sure he will protect his subordinates. I also like his sense of humor" - A 29 year-old Advertising Creative professional

"It motivates me when my boss is aggressive in getting things done" - A 27 year-old Automotive professional

"He has a very strong will and he is determined to make action" - 26 year-old Finance professional




#2 Mikasa Ackerman  17.5%

"I would be very motivated if my boss is beautiful like her" - 31 year-old Tech professional

"If she devotes her love to me (and become Yandere), she may help me out when I need it" - 36 year-old HR professional

"I would love to have Office Love with a capable and beautiful female boss like her" - 37 year-old Construction worker

(The Original pollster notes that there were more comments for Mikasa as a love interest at work than her potential as a boss.)




#3 Armin Arlert  6.8%


"He would be able to explain things theoretically. His ability to assess new situations is great as well" - 27 year-old Real Estate Administrative worker

"He is sharp and able to think quickly, but he is not intimidating and is generous enough to listen to others" - 26 year-old Financial sales professional

"I can agree with him because he can explain with logic, but at the same time, he is not cold but passionate and cares for his people" - 40+ year-old Energy Tech professional




#4 Jean Kirstein  3.8%


"I like that he would not force us do the impossible" - 40+ year-old Software Engeneer

"He is manly and I can trust that he would protect me" - 34 year-old Semiconductor sales professional




#5 Dot Pixis and Levi  3.4%

"What a character, but you can't deny his leadership and decision making skill. No matter what people say, it's better to work for a capable boss" - 40+ year-old Semiconductor Tech professional

"He can accurately assess the situation and make the right decision" - 37 year-old Service professional


"He is tough and have superb competency" 26 year-old chemical Engeneer

"I feel that I can fully trust him as a leader" 25 year-old Software Engeneer



What do you think of the result? Who would you report to?


Source: My Navi Woman via Nico Nico News

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