Popular Voice Actor Reveals His Maid Cosplay On NHK Program

He will make an appearance with Shokotan, also appearing in maid cosplay

Ladies, are you ready? One of the sexiest voices in the industry, Suwabe Junichi posted his photo in maid cosplay on his Twitter!


Suwabe Junichi


He is the voice of:

Aomine Daiki from Kuroko's Basketball


Jinguji Ren from Uta No Prince Sama


Shimogamo Yaichiro from The Eccentric Family






The surprisingly pleasant maid cosplay by Suwabe Junichi was made possible by the show that he narrates on NHK's E Channel called Meisaku Hospital. The show is hosted by Nakagawa Shoko (Shokotan) and a Japanese comedian, it takes a hint from classic anime shows and make suggestions for a healthier tomorrow.



The show ends with a short workout program in cosplay called Nari-kin, which is Narikiri (meaning becoming a character in cosplay in this case) and Kin-tore which is a short for Kinniku Training (literally muscle training). In the above image taken from the show's official site, you can see Ninja Nari-kin, Bruce Lee Nari-kin and Maid Nari-kin is coming soon with a silhouette of Shokotan, a trainer and you-know-who. Apparently, Suwabe-san took a part in the workout skit in the maid cosplay.



Shokotan, Nakagawa Shoko also posted this photo saying that she is super impressed with his multi-talented abilities. The broadcast is planned for Saturday, August 17th in Japan.

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