"Sailor Moon the Movie" Inspired Portrait Series

Pics by creative director Eric Pietrangolare

Sailor Moon fans have been re-energized by the announcement of the series' revival; not only with the return of Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musicals) but also the highly anticipated reboot of the Sailor Moon anime. What comes with passion? Fan projects!


Perhaps you've seen Eric Pietrangolare's work before, as he took promotional photos for a short film produced in 2011, Sailor Moon the Movie




Now he's back with his latest Sailor Moon inspired work, a series of portraits based on the Inner Senshi : 



Sailor Mercury


Sailor Venus


Sailor Mars


Sailor Jupiter


Princess Serenity


Tuxedo Mask


So which one is your favorite?


Personally, I love the Venus interpretation: the red mask, UK ring, and she's even wearing a gold "love-me" chain!


Photographer: Eric Pietrangolare, of Eric James Photography.


Makeup: David Divad 


Models: Morgan Weinstein, Arden Ytterberg, Pastele Pasquelina, Ellen Mah, Kristen Elias, and Koneko Nunchaku.



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