"Girls und Panzer" Model Scale Figures Offered

Rabbit Team and St. Gloriana Girls Academy mugs also due in October

Platz, who makes plastic models for various varieties of military mecha, cars, bikes, trains and so on, have starting scheduling the release of the Girls und Panzer girls in the same 1/35th scale used for most of those military kits. Unpainted sets of Angler Fish Team, Turtle Team and the Pravda High School duo are due in October along with new Rabbit Team and St. Gloriana Girls Academy mugs.


Angler Fish Team - 7,350yen

Non Foaming Urethane Kit (Set of 5 Figures)
Scale: 1/35
Size; Appx. 42-46mm
Mold Color: Skin: Skin Color/ Hair: Brown
w/Cartograf eye decals

Set includes:
-Miho Nishizumi (8parts, appx. 45mm tall)
-Saori Takebe (7parts, appx. 44mm tall)
-Hana Isuzu (10parts, appx. 46mm tall)
-Yukari Akiyama (8parts, appx. 45mm tall)
-Mako Reizei (8parts, appx. 42mm tall)


Turtle Team - 4,410yen


-Anzu Kadotani (10parts, appx. 40mm tall)
-Yuzu Koyama (8parts, appx. 44mm tall)
-Momo Kawashima (8parts, appx. 46mm tall)


Pravda - 2,940yen


Mugs are 1,520yen


Ooarai Girls High School and Angler Fish were released back in June


85 x 85mm Pravda and Saunders patches are also coming in October


Oarai and Kuromorimine were released in June



And, speaking of GnP goodies, an Angler Fish Dance instruction sheet was recently used to promote the Girls und Panzer: Heartful Tank Fan Disc 



Meanwhile, Lantis is selling a special CD/DVD for summer's Obon dance season with special bookmark


And speaking of book, orders are being taken for Bandai's latest Visual Art Club book



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