Latest Mecha Visuals for Live-Action "Patlabor" Film Revealed

Highly-anticipated Patlabor film is slated for 2014

Tohoku Shinsha revealed two new official images for the upcoming live-action adaptation film of Mobile Police Patlabor at the 14th Comic Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, today. The two images, one on a poster displayed on the wall of Tohoku Shinsha's booth and another one printed on a postcard given for free at the event, feature a giant labor just looks like AV-98 Ingram in the original anime series. And both images has a newly-designed title logo "The Next Generation-Patlabor." It has not been confirmed yet whether it is the official title for the film.


The Japanese official site for the film is also renewed today and now features the same image for the postcard. As we reported last month, the site used to have a tagline "Mamoru Oshii x The Next Generation - Patlabor -." Now it says "The Next Generation - Patlabor - Live Action Coming in 2014" without mentioning Oshii's name. The live-action Patlabor project was announced in March this year

and is scheduled to be released in 2014.


The image for the poster


The image for the postcard


Source: Cinema Today

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