VIDEO: Live-Action "Arcana" Film Trailer Previews Manga Adaptation

Yoshitaka Yamaguchi's movie hits theaters in Japan in October

Based on the humorous supernatural seinen manga by Yua Kotegawa—serialized in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump in 2000—Arcana takes place in a world in which doppelgangers can split off and exist separately from humans. Yoshitaka Yamaguchi directs the adaptation, and a new trailer previews some of the mystery to come. 



Arcana stars Tao Tsuchiya (Kamiya in the upcoming Limit drama) as Maki, an amnesiac hospital patient who can communicate with spirits of the dead. These spirits tell her how to solve crimes, which makes her essential to Murakami (Masataka Nakagauchi), a detective aiming to put a stop to a mass murderer. Once their relationship goes beyond that, Murakami begins to learn Maki's true secret. 


The film opens in Japan on October 19.


Via Nippon Cinema



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