Size Chart Compares Colossal Titan To Sci-Fi Greats

Chart illustrates size differences from Krogan to the Starship Enterprise

Ever wonder how tall the Colossal Titan is compared with Godzilla? Is it taller than the Titanic? Could it step on an AT-AT? Deviantart artist Lexinator117 answers that question and more in one big size chart that pits sci-fi greats against each other in a battle of size.


Here’s the full picture:


size comparison chart


And some bigger shots, including the Colossal Titan right in the middle (wedged between the Cloverfield monster and the Scarab from Halo (there's also a Chocobo listed).


sci-fi size chart


sci-fi size chart



sci-fi size chart


sci-fi size chart


sci-fi size chart


The list:


1. Woman/Man

2. Krogan

3. Zealot (Starcraft)

4. Elite (Halo)

5. Starship Troopers Warrior Bug

6. Brute

7. Beserker (GoW)

8. Handyman

9. Hunter (Halo)

10. Hydralisk

11. Elephant

12. Chocobo

13. King Kong

14. T. rex

15. Mantis (Halo)

16. AT-ST

17. Rancor

18. Optimus Prime

19. Balrog

20. Treebeard

21. Elephant (Halo)

22. Dragon (Skyrim)

23. Brumak

24. Brachiosaurus

25. AT-AT

26. Deathwing

27. Ultralisk

28. Tripod (book size)

29. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

30. The Mayflower

31. Millennium Falcon

32. Statue of Liberty

33. Rocket and Shuttle

34. Cloverfield Monster

35. Colossal Titan

36. Scarab (Halo)

37. Titanic

38. American Godzilla

39. Godzilla

40. Monsters vs. Aliens Probe

41. Reaper Destroyer



1. Blue whale

2. Normandy SR2

3. Starship Enterprise (original series)



1. Sydney Opera House

2. Great pyramid of Giza

Via Popsci



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