"Free!" Drama CD #2 Preview Reveals More About Rin

It's time we get to know more about Rin and his roommate shares all

It's about halfway into Summer sexy swimming anime Free! and fans know the members of the Iwatobi Swimming club pretty well by now. Isn't it about time we learn more about Matsuoka Rin, the childhood friend turned rival swimmer? The anime's official radio show previewed scenes from the upcoming drama CDs with more interesting facts about Rin!



The drama CD is titled Iwatobi Koukou Suieibu Katsudou Nisshi (Iwatobi High School Swimming Club Activity Diary), vol. 1 (cover image above) will be released on August 21st in Japan for 3,000 yen. The scene previewed in the radio show from the vol. 1 of the CD was the episode where the swimming club members talk about how they can improve their lap time and Rei gets put into a situation that we can all feel sorry for involving the shaving of his body hair as a result of Nagisa's well meaning but forceful encouragement. This is also the episode where Gou confirms her brother shaves for the very purpose.




The second volume of the drama cd series is also planned to be released on September 25th and it will include the episode by Rin's underclassman, Nitori Aiichiro (above). The preview of the drama CD vol. 2 in the radio show revealed that Nitori keeps an observation diary of his roommate and the focus of his admiration, Rin.




Soon after the radio show aired, a Twitter user summarized the facts about Rin revealed by Nitori's diary in the drama CD preview.

"- Rin shaves to shorten his lap time

- Rin chose to sleep on the bottom of the bunk bed in their shared room

- Rin always stays within top 10 of the school academic ranking

- Rin is fluent in English

- Rin takes care of people well

- Rin saved an abondoned kitten in the rain and takes care of it at the old school building

Conlusion: Nitori is creepy"

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