Squid Girl Dresses Up for Fortune Telling Cell Strap Collection

"Henneko" charms also due in November

If you've watched a fair amount of anime, you've seen O-mikuji fortune telling, where a person makes a donation then draws a lot, telling them whether they'll receive good or bad luck. The concept has inspired a set of Kaiyodo's Capsule Q Fraulein cell charms featuring Squid Girl in different costumes representing the different fortunes.


The set is due in November.

Deformed character sculpt by Tomohide Enoki
Deformed character illustration by MicaPix
Clothes & charm production by Eichiro Matsumoto, Shinobu Matsumura, Katsuo Taguma

-Daikichi (super good): maid costume Squid Girl
-Kichi (good): school swimsuit Squid Girl
-Chukichi (fairy good): One-piece dress Squid Girl
-Shokichi (kind of good): yukata Squid Girl
-Kyou (not good): squid ink Squid Girl



There's also a Capsule Q Fraulein Henneko Heroine due in November: 



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