VIDEO: "Gingitsune" Anime Preview

Priestess and fox spirit solve problems in fall anime

With the anime adaptation of Sayori Ochiai's seinen manga Gingitsune kicking off this October, a new promo offers a look at what to expect from the series about a Shinto priestess and guardian fox spirit solving problems.



Storyboard artist Noboru Misawa steps up to direct with veteran Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Argento Soma, Rosario + Vampire) on scripts. Mayuko Matsumoto and Naomi Ide provide character design for Diomedia (Squid Girl, Kodomo no Jikan).


Popular voice actress Hisako Kanemoto (Ika Musume in Squid Girl, Cure Peace/Yayoi Kise in Smile PreCure!) plays the protagonist of the series, a 16-year-old Shinto priest Makoto Saeki.



Gintaro, a 350-year-old silver fox who works as messenger for the gods at her shrine, is played by Shinichiro Miki (Takumi Fujiwara in Initial D, Lockon Stratos in Mobile Suit Gundam 00).


Satoru Kamio, a boy who stays at Makoto's house as a freeloader, is played by Kensho Ono (Tetsuya Kuroko in Kuroko's Basketball, Harry James Potter),


Ayumi Fujimura (Eiko Aizawa in Squid Girl) plays 80-year-old female fox-spirit Haru.



Toshihiko Seki (Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell) is Makoto's father, Tatsuo


Ami Koshimizu (Code Geass' Kallen) is Hiwako Funabashi


Chinatsu Akasaki (Love Lab's Natsuo Maki) is Yumi Ikegami




Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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