Bandai's New Evangelion Cake Features "Red Earth"

Comes with a black Rei figure and a sickle-shaped knife

As we have reported, Bandai has released four Evangelion-themed cakes from its "Chara Shoku" bland and sold them on their official online store Premium Bandai since 2010. They were "NERV Headquaters Cake" (2010), "Angel Roll Cake" (2011), "Moon's Surface Cake" (2012), and "Angel Cake" (2012). Each cakes come with a PVC Eva character figure.


Their latest entry for this winter is "Evengelion Cake: Red Earth" which is inspired by the last scene from the Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo film. The strawberry-flavored cake comes with a 13.5cm-tall Rei Ayanami PVC figure in her black plugsuit and a stainless cake knife modeled on Evangelion Mark .09's sickle. The retail price of the fifth cake set is 4,410 yen (approximately US$44.58). Bandai Premium has started accepting pre-orders for it, and it will be shipped in December. Which Eva cake do you want to taste?



 "NERV Headquaters Cake & Rei Ayanami" (2010)

"Angel Roll Cake & Asuka Shikinami Langley" (2011)


"Moon's Surface Cake & Kaworu Nagisa" (2012)


"Angel Cake & Asuka Shikinami Langley" (2012)


Source: press release


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