VIDEO: "Agukaru" Anime Characters Support Election Enlightenment Activity

For the gubernatorial election in September

Agukaru (Agriculture Angel Baraki) is a web-anime series produced by Studio Puyukai based in Tsukuba-city, Ibaragi Prefecture. Its main purpose is to promote Ibaragi's agricultural activities. The project has produced four short anime episodes and posted them on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube since September 2010. The anime has been well-received among the general public in the region and Agriculture Angel Baraki has become the representative character of the prefecture.


Ibaragi Prefectural gubernatorial election is scheduled to be held on September 8. To improve voting rate, the Ibaragi election management committee has decided to use the characters of Agukaru for its enlightenment activity and posted anime PR commercials featuring them in the web on August 22.


Anime commercials



"Agukaru (Agriculture Angel Baraki)" 1st episode


Source: the Ibaragi election management committee


© Studio Puyukai

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