VIDEO: "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" Movie Music Video

"L'Amour dans ton Coeur " sung by Tokiko Kato

The new fully CGI animated feature film Space Pirate Captain Harlock, directed by industry veteran Shinji Aramaki, launches in Japan on September 9th.


Historically, Harlock has always been accompanied by stirring and iconic music, and for the new film, the production has turned to show biz veteran Tokiko Kato to provide the theme song for the film, entitled "L'Amour dans ton Coeur".


A music video featuring Kato’s song, along with footage from the film, has just been released. And while some folks may have preferred a more modern and up to date theme (sorry folks, a dubstep or idol pop theme would not have worked here…), the result feels perfectly in line with the wine-swilling space pirate that fans have come to know and love. Watch the PV below!




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