An Early Look at Dancing Ridget and Bellows From "Gargantia" Bonus Manga

Second Blu-ray box due September 25th

Gargantia's super popular dance scene is getting an encore in character designer's Hanaharu Naruko's second 10 page manga, to be packaged with the second Blu-ray box on September 25th. This time it's Ridget and Bellows in that memorable attire.






The release also include special CD book "Gargantia Logbook 2" (100 page illustrations, drama CD, 10 page manga, 40 page novel, design works, staff interview and much more), storyboard (132 pages from episode 5 ), illustrated card collection vol.2 (8 cards), illustrated box by Hanaharu Naruko, and illustrated inner jacket on both sides.


Special on disc feature include the complete 13 episodes of short film "Puchitto Gargantia," its special episode (15 min. approx.), promotional videos, TV spots, staff & cast commentary about the fifth episode, special commentary for the eighth episode



... And tribute art contines to be posted on the series site.

by es


by 77gl


byAyasugi Tsubaki



by Yuuji Itou

by Bukubu Ookawa

by Yuugo



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