"The Wonderful 101" Originally Planned as Nintendo Character Mash-Up

PlatinumGames discusses the origins of upcoming Wii U action game

In a recent edition of Iwata Asks, Nintendo and the folks at PlatinumGames—including director Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Okami) and producer Atsushi Inaba—discussed the origins of their upcoming Wii U action game The Wonderful 101. As it turns out, the game was originally planned as a mash-up of sorts, gathering world-famous Nintendo characters together in one game.


The Wonderful 101 was the first project plan Platinum brought to Nintendo. Kamiya and co. proposed an all-star project in the vein of Wai Wai World and Famicom Jump for the Famicom (NES), with Nintendo characters from different series interacting.


However, when Platinum proposed this to Nintendo, complete with a visual concept of all the characters together at once, the reaction from Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami was "This is impossible!"


One of the moves, Unite Morph, would let the characters combine to change shape and form different objects. Yamagami's reaction to that was, "Setting the contents of the game aside, I've learned from experience that trying to squeeze in so many characters into one game to the point where they practically change shape, was impossible."


Thus, what would later become The Wonderful 101 was put on the shelf for the time being. Once Platinum returned with a similar plan that didn't use Nintendo characters, the wheels finally started turning. "I knew the moment I saw it that this was that idea from PlatinumGames," said Yamagami. 


The Iwata Asks interview goes on to discuss how The Wonderful 101 grew from there, so be sure to read the full column for more insight into the production.



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