Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor in "Man of Steel" Sequel?

"Breaking Bad" actor possibly up for the role of the DCU's baddest billionaire

The never-peaceful streets of the internet have been ablaze with a new battle: is Ben Affleck a worthy successor to the cape and cowl of Batman? I'm not surprised about the controversy, but I am surprised about the sheer amount of venom toward Affleck--I mean, who cares what Val Kilmer or Adam West or Joss Whedon or Patton Oswalt (holy crap, Patton Oswalt) think?



Nice to know I'm not the only person who saw Argo, although it sure as hell seems that way


Speaking of Argo, there are rumors circulating that point to Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) signing on to the Man of Steel sequel as ruthless billionaire Lex Luthor. There hasn't been any official announcement from Warner Bros. yet, so take this with a grain of meth salt.


Spoiler warning if you're not caught up on Breaking Bad


Regardless of how people may (understandably) feel about Ben Affleck, there is no doubt in my mind that Bryan Cranston would absolutely rock (no pun intended) as Lex Luthor. What do you think? Is this a legit reveal, or should we curb our excitement and wait for an actual statement from the studio?

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