New "Phi-Brain" Key Visual And Opening/Ending Announced

Opening song by Nico singer and ending theme performed by voice actors

 The Phi-Brain anime official site has been updated with the full image of the new season's key visual and information on the new opening theme and ending theme, only after releasing the teaser portion of the new key visual last time, the full image is finally available with all puzzle genius for the 3rd season!


Phi-Brain will join the fray of anime shows with voice actors perfroming the ending theme. It's titled Say Yeah! and it will be performed by Kaito (voiced by Asanuma Shintaro), Nonoha (voiced by Shimizu Kaori), Gyamon (voiced by Fukuyama Jun), Cubic (voiced by Miyata Kouki) and Ana (voiced by Yukino Satsuki).



neko, who gained popularity on Nico Nico Douga by singing Miku's Melt male version, will sing Destiny as the 3rd season opening theme.

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