"Uta no Prince Sama" Hijacks Department Store Facades in Shibuya

Popular idols also displayed at one of the busiest intersection in the world

Late summer greetings from the singing idols of Uta No Prince Sama came in a big way! The large poster below was displayed on the renowned 109 and Marui buildings in Shibuya.



Utapri merchandise vendor Broccoli's official Twitter account posted photos of the ads in their locations. The 109 building poster above and Wall Vision monitors in front the of JR Shibuya station below.




via @23sy30


The Marui enterance is covered with princes as well.



This summer promotion is titled Prince Summer! (obviously a word pun) with a head line that says, "Will never forget, even after growing up". One fan noticed that they are all wearing matching bracelets. The ads in Shibuya will be there until September 9th.



via @23sy30


There was also a teaser poster of 4 silhouettes with "Next project coming soon" on it. Many fans can tell who they are and making lots of speculations, but there is no confirmation yet.


Source: NAVAR

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