VIDEO: Toyota Announce "Char Auris" Branded Special Edition Vehicle

Fully painted in red, this special car must be 3 times better

Toyota first introduced the concept of a collaboration vehicle with the ever popular "The Red Comet" Char Aznable from the original Mobile Suit Gundam in 2012. Since then, Toyota has been working with Zeonic, the heavy motor company that represents Zeon to finish the consumer version of the Char version of the Auris and here it is.



Char Auris anime PV



Zeonic Toyota History PV



Product image PV


The official site is still accepting applications to join Zeonic Toyota. As a fictional employee of Zeonic Toyota, employees can paticipate in contests such as ideas for creating original merchandise.








Char customized floor mat sets are limited to 900 total sets.



The Char Auris-navi is voiced by the voice actor of Char, Ikegami Shuichi. It navigates the driver with Char's famous lines and many Gundam sound effects and it is also limited to 900 total units.




On the official Facebook account, there is an original back story on the production of this vehicle. Although a few fans pointed out that the model of vehicle for Char should be higher in class considering his rank, but the majority seems to be very excited. The Auris RS "S Package" fully loaded version will cost an estimated 3,306,825 yen with tax. The Char model Auris will be shown at Chara-Hobby 2013 this weekend at the Makuhari Messe exhibition center in Japan.

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