VIDEO: Anime Voice Actress/Singer Mayumi Iizuka's Latest Song "Kimi to Hikari" PV

16th album "Sentimental CANDY" released in Japan on today August 28

Lantis, Bandai Visual's subsidiary company specialized in anime/game music, has posted a short version promotional video for anime voice actress/singer Mayumi Iizuka's latest song "Kimi to Hikari" (You and the Light) on its official YouTube channel. The song is the leading track for her 16th album "Sentimental CANDY," which is just released in Japan on today August 28.


Iizuka made her debut as a professional voice actress for Tsuneko in Studio Ghibli's 1991 film Only Yesterday when she was 14 years old. She is best known for her voice works for Kasumi in the Pocket Monsters/Pokémon series and Makoto Sawatari in the Kanon anime series (in both Toei and Kyoto Animation versions). She also sang "Lapras ni Notte," the 6th ED theme for the Pokémon TV anime series with Aikawa Rikako in 1998.


"Kimi to Hikari" short PV


"Sentimental CANDY" CD cover


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