Nintendo Announces New 2DS Handheld for Budget Price This October - UPDATED

New portable plays all DS and 3DS games, priced at $130

Update: Slight correction to the article. I originally said it only has one camera, but it actually also sports the two rear-facing cameras, as well, just like the 3DS. Sorry about that!


Nintendo busted out a volley of announcements all at once this morning, so let's start with what might be the most curious. Nintendo plans to introduce a new budget handheld, Nintendo 2DS, this October for $129.99.


The 2DS—which will be available in red or blue when it hits shelves on October 12—is designed for folks looking for a more affordable entry point. It will play both DS and 3DS games, but, as the name suggests, only in 2D. Other features like wireless connectivity and access to the eShop remain, though you'll notice the system has just one camera, one speaker, and no hinges.


If the images aren't enough, here's a video introduction:


Stay tuned for more Nintendo news!



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