VIDEO: Perfume Teases New Album,「LEVEL3」

Plus covers and promo images

Japan’s reigning princesses of electropop – Perfume – have a new full length LP on the horizon called「LEVEL3」, set for release on 10/2.  And to get the hype machine rolling, they’ve released a new teaser video complete with beats (presumably by Yasutaka Nakata, chief architect of Perfume’s sound) and behind the scenes footage. Take a look below! 



Would be nice if they could have included some vocals, but I guess that’s where the suspense  for this upcoming release is: will the girls continue to sound like pre-programmed automatons (a sound I like, for the record), or will their golden pipes croon in an altogether more human direction, like in their recent tunes? I guess we will find on 10/2.


BONUS: Promo art and covers for「LEVEL3」


Limited edition release


Regular edition release


Official promo image for 「LEVEL3」



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