Classic Video Game Character Woodblock Artist Presents "Edo Superstar" Kickstarter

Ukiyo-e Heroes artist's campaign ending Thursday, the Kickstarter is $34,000 toward a $66,000 goal

Jed Henry, the artist known for his Ukiyo-e Heroes series of woodblock prints based on characters from classic video games, is closing in on a deadline for a Kickstarter to raise funds for "Edo Heroes," a fighting RPG with Japanese style art for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac.



With the campaign ending Thursday, the Kickstarter is $34,000 toward a $66,000 goal.


As Henry explains:

My name is Jed Henry. I'm a professional artist and a big Japan nerd. I've been working in the classic Japanese style for a long time, using traditional tools and techniques. My Ukiyo-e Heroes series, which depicts famous game characters as woodblock prints, is made possible by amazing supporters like you.

As I dig deeper into Ukiyo-e, I'm constantly inspired by the scope and beauty of this rich world. I want to take my work to the next level, and create a fully immersive Ukiyo-e experience. And so, I'm making a video game!


I love Japanese games. As a child, they resonated with me. I loved how they looked. I loved how they played. I connected with the characters, and was drawn into their vast worlds. That magic still drives my creativity today, and I've always dreamed of making my own game.



As I've shared my ideas with fans online, they've responded with tons of support and encouragement.  The time is right. The vision is clear. I have assembled a talented team. With your support, we can make a very special game.





some of the Ukiyo-e Heroes series

'The Hero Rests'


"Trouble Afoot'


'Swift Kill'



Star Fox




Super Mario

Legend of Zelda



Mega Man


Street Fighter




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