Pirated "Kuroko's Basketball" Figures Are Making Fans Laugh At Their Poor Quality

Some are even calling a Kuroko figure version "Crayon Tecchan"

While the released image of a painted upcoming Kuroko Tetsuya figure from Mega House is keeping fans on their toes for the pre-order opening day (possibly on the 12th, maybe the 11th in Japan), these found images of pirated Kuroko's Basketball figures are making fans laugh with their absolute hilarity.



First, let me remind you how Kuroko should look like by showing you the Mega House Kuroko Tetsuya, above. Look at its quality!

This beautiful figure is available on Crunchyroll Store for Pre-Order.



Pirated Kuroko Tetsuya



Kuroko's light fell victim to this tragedy as well. A pirated Kagami Taiga, above.



This Midorima Shintaro may not make his 3 pointer.



Pirated Seirin captain, Hyuga Jumpei, above. At this point, we might as well see the full Seirin member in this version for a good laugh.


Source: NAVAR

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