Say Hello to "Hello Kitty" Contact Lenses

My Melody version also available

Last week marked a major event in Japanese history…and no, I don’t mean the announcement of the Tokyo Olympics… crazy Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses officially went on sale on 9/1 and nothing can ever be the same again.



The gyaru-friendly Fall in Eyez company is responsible for the Hello Kitty Violet contacts, which depict a kaleidoscopic array of familiar-looking cats that occupy the irises of the lucky person wearing them. Now, Pink Kitty contacts are in the cards for October, for the price of 5800 yen (around US$58.00) for a set of two.




Not content to merely license Hello Kitty to the contact people, Sanrio has also OK’d My Melody contacts too. 



And yes, Fall in Eyez says it's perfectly fine for guys to wear them, too!




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