Fashion Designer Presents "Sailor Moon" Aprons and Socks

Plus Bandai Premium's Luna bags and Senshi t-shirts

Shinjuku's Isetan department store is getting into the nostalgic spirit of Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary with bag pillows, paper aprons and socks produced with illustrator/fashion designer Keisuke Kanda's label.


While the hand-sewn bags (57x40x28cm - 22,050yen) and aprons (45x36cm - 1,575yen each) are available online, the Senshi socks (4,700yen) will be a Shinjuku exclusive.




Meanwhille, Bandai Premium have introduced their Luna pattern new bags. Totes are 2,415yen, roll bags are 3,990yen and backpacks are 4,410yen.




And there's a set of Senshi t-shirts for 4988 yen each


via Natalie


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