COSPA Adds "Danganronpa" Graphig Paper Figures

Deformed Makoto, Kyoko, Byakuya, and Chihiro in school uniforms

COSPA has announced the latest line-up for its popular papercraft line GRAPHIG; Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, and Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa The Animation. Its online store has already started accepting pre-orders for them. All of the new Graphig are scheduled to be released in late November this year and their retail price is 600 yen (about US$6). Which paper figure is the cutest?


Graphig 271: Makoto Naegi

Anime visual



Graphig 272: Kyoko Kirigiri



Graphig 273: Byakuya Togami



Graphig 274: Chihiro Fujisaki


© Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./Kibougamine Gakuen Eizoubu

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