Exclusive: Masters of Animanga Project Reveals Sin'Ichi Hiromoto's Contribution

Wikia collaborative writing project dives into the "Girls" portion of its stories

Earlier this month, Wikia's The Masters of Animanga crowd-sourced writing project kicked off a story from the mind of Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. Next up is TAO: Rize of the Ying-Yang, which comes from manga artist and character designer Sin'Ichi Hiromoto (Hells Angels, art for the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi manga), whose tale follows the "Girls" theme.


TAO launches at 1pmEST/10amPST today, but we've got an exclusive early look here, including new images, character bios, and the story's setup. First up, a pair of new designs:







The previously revealed Witch:




This is a struggle between white and black, light and shadows, exterior and interior, justice and evil. This is the tale of a transcendental battle between a Buddhist maiden (good) and a witch (evil).


Due to certain circumstances, our young hero is dragged into the “Battle of White and Black.” Plunged into the depths, he becomes a prisoner as he is entranced by both the Buddhist maiden and witch, with whom he also falls in love.


In the course of the battle, what is the youth’s relationship with the Buddhist maiden? What sort of woman is the witch? Will the grey-colored youth be dyed in white or black, or something else entirely?



Witch. Currently nameless. She’s eccentric, but sexy and a user of various magics. She’s a woman who’s difficult to dislike, cool, and somehow manages to play innocent.


Buddhist maiden.  She exists as seven different characters. Here, she appears as the god of wind (named Fuujichan) and god of lightning (named Raijichan). She uses the statue of Buddha as a motif.


The "Girls" theme is one of three, the other two being "Vampire" and "Samurai." Once the project launches today at this page, anyone interested will be able to contribute to the world of TAO, either by putting their own twists on the story or adding artwork. Get creative! 



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