Haruka Tomatsu and Yuka Iguchi to Star in Yuri Anime "Sakura Trick"

Four panel adaptation planned for January 2014

While the fall anime series is about to start, details are beginning to be filled in on the winter slate. The latest is the lead casting for the anime adaptation of Tachi's 2011 yuri four-panel series Sakura Trick, a series from Time Kirara Miracle!, from the family of magazines probably best known for K-on!, about a pair of girls who were inseparable in junior high, but are forced to socialized with other peers when placed at opposite sides of the class in high school.


Newly announced, Haruka Tomatsu (Saki in Valvrave) will voice the series' Haruka Takayama

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Haruka is Yū's closest friend since junior high school. She is the childish one out of the two. She often pushes Yū to her demands unknowingly (like kissing her just to keep her quiet), and is the extremely jealous and clingy type of person as described by Yū. Haruka seems to harbor romantic feelings for Yū, a reason why she is more affected by their seat arrangement than Yū is.


Yuka Iguchi (Majestic Prince's Tamaki Irie) voices Yū Sonoda

Yū is Haruka's closest friend since junior high school. She often acts more maturely than Haruka, but occasionally gives in to Haruka's requests. Yū initiates that she and Haruka do something special together, in order to comfort Haruka's growing insecurity of their friendship.



Kenichi Ishikura (Hidamari Sketch) directs the Studio DEEN anime, planned for January 2014 with Kyuta Sakai (Higurashi, Ichigo Mashimaro) on character designs.



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