See The Nearly Complete Gallery of "Gargantia" Tribute Illustrations

Total of 103 special illustrations were contributed to the official site

The Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet official site has officially ended the tribute illustration gallery updates that they have been updating since the beginning of the series. The total of 103 illustrations were contributed by artists in Japan and the full gallery minus the illustrations from this week are archived on the official site.


100 of the illustrations are posted on the official site.


Quick count of the characters that appeared most in the tribute illustrations:

#1 Amy

#2 Ledo

#3 Grace

#4 Chamber

#5 Saaya

#6 Melty

#7 Bellows

#8 Redget

#9 Pinion, Lukkage's slaves, Mayta

#10 Lukkage

#11 Bebel

#12 Fairlock, the loli nurse

#13 Joe, Dr. Dolham, Flange

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