"Free!" Fanbook Exclusive Poster Images Released

Individual pin-up posters for each of the 5 swimmers included in the fanbook

Only two more episodes left for summer's popular swimming anime, Free!, but to keep to the excitement going, the official fanbook is planned to be released on October 30th in Japan. The fanbook not only features a re-cap of all 12 episodes, interviews of the cast and staff, it also features the individual pin-up posters of each of the 5 swimmers in the show and the images of them are released on Kyoani's special site. The posters are in the theme of the boys in casual wear.


Haruka Nanase




Makoto Tachibana



Rin Matsuoka



Nagisa Hazuki


Rei Ryugazaki



Don't be sad because they are fully clothed! As you see in the fanbook promotional video, I bet there will be enough skin in the fanbook anyway.

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