Introducing The Most Useless Camera App Japan Ever Developed

A Japanese comedian takes over every frame on purpose

Japanese camera app developers have been producing many camera apps that make you wonder why they even made them, but this one is definitely one of if not the most useless or least useful camera app ever made. Egashira 2:50, a Japanese comedian famous for reckless physical action in black spandex is the main feature of this camera app and in fact will be in every frame of every photo you take with this camera app. Why? Who knows.



These are not photos of the comedian, but samples of photos taken by the app simply titled, Egashira's CAMERA in English on the iTunes App Store. Egashira appears in many sizes and forms in every photo. The download page urges you NOT to use this camera to save precious memory because it's just not going to happen.


No matter who you shoot, it will be Egashira 2:50. No matter what you shoot, it will be Egashira 2:50 as you see above. The more you shoot, the more different Egashira 2:50 forms and poses you can collect in a special Egashira Album in the app as well as Egashira points that the developer was not even sure what they were for. Egashira's voice plays every time you take a photo and sometimes his popular quote will play randomly.



Look at how my kawaii selfie turned out with the app. If you are type of person who has enough space on your iPhone and find joy in collecting photos of middle-aged half naked Japanese comedians, this unique camera app is available for free in iTunes.



Just in case you are interested in more Egashira 2:50, here is a video of him at a press conference for the release of his DVD. Please watch with caution, there is lots of physical action, screaming and censored nudity in the end. He is quite popular in Japan not only because of his reckless action and speech, but also the sensitive and philosophical nature of his personality, believe it or not.


He was made into a Figma last year. For more photos, read the CRN article about it, here.

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