VIDEO: New Spanish Vocaloid "MAIKA" Demo Songs

Latest Vocaloid character by Voctro Labs following Bruno & Clara

Voctro Labs, a Spanish company working with Yamaha for the development of Vocaloid, has introduced an official visual of the new Spanish Vocaloid MAIKA and two demo song videos of her on its official site. The company released the first Spanish Vocaloid 3 couple Bruno and Clara in December 2011. The illustration contest for the new Spanish Vocaloid character was held in July and MAIKA designed by Noriko Hayashi was selected for the winner from over 200 entries. Her Spanish voice provider has not yet been revealed. So how do you like MAIKA?




"En tu mirar"

(Original song by CYO Style with PV by Akuo that made a fan-art of the official Noriko‘s design)



"Cruz de Navajas"

 (Mecano Cover by BlancaNegra - VocaloidMaster)


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku


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