Bandai Selling Luffy’s Straw Hat; Handmade by Famous Hat Shop

Available in October

Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, is currently accepting preorders for a replica of the straw hat worn by One Piece main character Luffy.


Luffy’s Straw Hat ルフィの麦わら


Sold by Bandai, the hat is handmade by long-standing shop Tanaka Hat, established in 1880 and based in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. Each hat is made to order by the shop’s artisans. The hat includes a neck cord, allowing the wearer to hang the hat from one’s back the same way Luffy does in the anime and manga series.


The hat is available in medium and large sizes. It retails for 4,980 yen, and will ship in October.


Luffy’s Straw Hat ルフィの麦わら

Each hat is handmade by artisans.

Luffy’s Straw Hat ルフィの麦わら

Now you can dress just like the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates.


Luffy’s Straw Hat ルフィの麦わら

The hat comes with a neck cord for hanging the hat off one’s back like Luffy does.


© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation


Luffy’s Straw Hat: A New Era of Heroes (Neck Cord Attached Version)
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