"Attack on Titan" Author Offers a Look at Early Drafts of Famous Character Expressions

Spoilers aren't too explicit, but if you haven't seen episode 23, you might want to skip this

With episode 23 of Attack on Titan airing, manga author Hajime Isayama has posted a look at how he developed a memorable character expression at one the series' pivotal moments.



It's nothing too explicit, and nothing that couldn't be guessed, but if you're really conscious about being any extra hints, you might want to skip this....





"An embarrassed smile/laugh made by a juvenile (eighth grade syndrome) character that I made up, until now, who’s been blamed/pointed at and has sadly been turned upon.

She’s feeling relief/release from the need to keep lying.

And becoming a normal sixteen year old girl."


Bit of bonus MMA from elsewhere


There's also a look some classic Armin


The blog also features obi work he did for Undead Lovers and Houkago Sword Club 


Speaking of Attack on Titan expressions...


An AoT parody of Watamote's parody of Japanese Folktales' ending


And, maybe the best/worst video edit


finally, the episode 23 end card by toi8


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