"La storia della Arcana Famiglia" Collaborates With Japanese Curry Restaurant

Character inspired curry dishes are served by Pace look-a-like owner

Popular curry restaurant PLUCK in Akihabara is having a month long collaboration event with Mafia-based otome game and anime, La storia della Arcana Famiglia during the month of September. 


The owner of the restaurant, who is also known as a hardcore fighting game player and considered a look-a-like to one of the characters from the series in Pace has come up with 7 special curry dishes inspired by the character. The developer of the game, Comfort is supporting the event by providing original artwork for the event poster, exclusive place mat and may even reveal a special movie at the restaurant during the event this month.


The event poster with Pace and the PLUCK curry above.



Debito curry: European style curry with red wine



Pace curry: Lasagna inspired meat sauce with curry spices, topped with cheese 




Jolly curry: Spicy seafood flavor with octopus, which is most recommended by MEN Tencho



Special rice for special curry during the event has the Arcana symbol of Love that the main character, Felicita possesses on top, the mold was also handmade by MEN Tencho. Aw, so much love for this event.




The regular menu is replaced by a special set menu during the event. At the top of the menu, Regalo Curry Set that comes with a choice of character curry, the special rice, Regalo salad, Luka inspired Lemon cake with Luka's special love potion and Felicita's Strawberry hair inspired iced tea for 1350 yen.


Bottom row from left: Triple Childhood Freinds Set comes with Pace & Debito curry, Luka's cake, special rice and Felicita's iced tea for 1500 yen. Alchemist Set comes with Jolly & Ash curry, special rice, Luka's cake and Felicita's ice tea, also for 1500 yen. Liberta & Nova Set comes with their curry and special rice for 950 yen.



Full curry menu from the top left: Liberta curry (Spicy Chicken Curry), Nova (Mild Chickpea curry, of cource)

Middle row from left: Debito curry, Pace curry, Ash (game only character) curry (Mild Japanese style curry with apple)

Bottom row from left: Dante curry (Coconut milk curry with shrimp), Jolly curry, and Luka looking shocked that he does not have his curry.






MEN Tencho, the owner of the restaurant posted this photo of him taken by a customer that shows his seriousness for the event. On weekends during September, he will dress as Pace as a part of Regalo style event to serve the guests.




Sugita Tomokazu, the voice of Pace is a well-known regular at the restaurant and MEN Tencho tweeted the photo of "Full-armor" Pace curry topped with porched egg and cheese to him.




PLUCK blog Twitter

Rajikan Press

La storia della Arcana Famiglia official site


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