Real Lipstick Inspired by Cure Ace's Weapon "Love Kiss Rouge"

The 5th PreCure girl in the ongoing series "Dokidoki! PreCure"

Bandai announced today that they have started accepting pre-orders for "Love Kiss Rouge Lipstick" on their official online store Bandai Premium. The mild red color lipstick is inspired by the main weapon of Cure Ace, the 5th PreCure girl in the ongoing TV series Dokidoki! PreCure. She joined the series in the 22nd episode.


Cure Ace, who is voiced by popular voice actress Rie Kugimiya, shoots her final attack "Ace Shot" with a lipstick-like weapon called Love Kiss Rouge. The attack has various powers based on the color of lips she puts on; red (purifying), purple (blocking), yellow (binding), sky blue (trapping). The price of "Love Kiss Rouge Lipstick" is 1,780 yen (about US$18.07) and it will be shipped in December. The recommended age for it is 3 and older.  



Source: press release


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