New "Free!" Smartphone Case Features Oversized Iwatobi-chan

Iwatobi-chan case made of terrycloth might be your perfect bag accessory

Hobbystock will release this uniquely innovative Free! anime related smartphone case in November. It features Iwatobi-chan, unexpectedly, made of terrycloth and the size of it is sure to show your Free! love to anyone who recognizes it. Would Haruka use it? Would you use it?


As you can see, this Iwatobi-chan is a no swimsuit version.



The back of the case made me wonder because there is no opening for the smartphone screen.



Product package image. It gets folded neatly in the bag.



I guess this is how it works and for some reason this made me laugh pretty hard.



Product side view confims the Iwatobi head is stuffed.



This view explains how it works pretty well.



This product image shot made me laugh again because it was a lot larger than I expected. The price is set at 2480 yen.

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