Bandai Offers 3 Types of "Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax"

Set your hair like Super Saiyan Goku

Have you ever wondered if you can set your hair like Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z? Bandai's cosmetic brand for adults Creer Beatute started offering three types of "Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax" today. You can choose from Natural, Hard, and Super Hard (definitely for the Super Saiyan hair). The waxes contains Kakarrot (carrot) essence as a moisturizing ingredient. The price at Bandai's official online store Bandai Premium is 980 yen (about US$9.87) for each.


"Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 3: Natural"


"Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 5: Hard"


"Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 7: Super Hard"



Source: press release


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