VIDEO: Hear Digest Version of Visual Rock Anime Covers in "V-ANIME ROCKS Evolution" Preview

Second album due October 2nd

Last year, Tokuma Japan Communications, corporate cousin to the publisher of Animage, released a collection of visual rock covers of anime themes. Now a second "V-ANIME ROCKS evolution" is set to October 2nd release. In addition to a promo, there's a new digest version of the album.



Tracks include


1. Hikari e(ONE PIECE)/ Royz

2. happily ever after (Gurren Lagann)/ GALEYD

3. Ai wo torimodose!! (Fist of the North Star: Legend of the Century's End Savior) / DaizyStripper

4. THE MEANING OF TRUTH (F-Zero: GP Legend) / Juri(ex.DELUHI) feat.Leda

5. Anbaransuna KISS o shite (Yu Yu Hakusho ) / AYABIE

6. Tamashii no refrain (Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth) / A(Ace)

7. Gekitei (Sakura Wars) / Kaya

8. Yuzurenai negai (Magic Knight Rayearth) / THE BEETHOVEN

9. Rinbu -revolution- (Revolutionary Girl Utena) / WING WORKS

10. BUTTER-FLY (Digimon Adventure) / FEST VAINQUEUR

11. the WORLD (DEATH NOTE) / Souiumono

12. LOVE sarigenaku (Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel) / SEX-ANDROID


AMegamasso's cover of ∀Gundam's "Turn A Turn" has been removed from newer listings




From the earlier compilation


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