"Kuroko's Basketball" Lands Japanese Basketball Magazine Cover With Pro Player

Kuroko and Kagami appear on the cover with Japanese pro basketball player

Japanese basketball magazine Gekkan Basketball revealed the cover of the November issue which features Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga from Kuroko's Basketball along with Japanese pro basketball player Kawamura Takuya of the Wakayama Trian's basketball team.




The November issue will also feature interview of Kawamura and Kuroko's voice actor, Ono Kensho and will release on September 25th for 770 yen in Japan. The magazine is a well-known basketball magazine in Japan as it was mentioned few times in the anime as well. The decision of having anime characters on the cover of the magazine that is the equivalent of SLAM was received with mixed reactions as some are shocked and some are very excited judging from reactions seen on Facebook and Twitter.

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