English Version of "Steins;Gate" Visual Novel Now Up for Pre-Order

Limited Edition features Gadget Lab pin set

After years of anticipation, the long awaited English language localization of the Steins;Gate visual novel is now available for pre-order from JAST USA. The game will be released in two editions, a regular digital-only edition and a limited physical edition that will be limited to one print run and is a part of the pre-order campaign. The limited physical edition features the following:


Steins;Gate Limited Edition

- Deluxe box with satin matte finish
- The Steins;Gate game DVD
- The user manual
- An original Fanbook
- Future Gadget Lab Member Pins with Display Box.


Those who pre-order the Limited Edition will also receive a digital copy in addition to the physical version and the game will be released this Winter for $59.95. With the game coming soon, who's in line for the Limited Edition? I want that pin set.

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