Manga Magazine Offers Incredibly Masculine "Grappler Baki" Bath Poster

Burly karate master Doppo Orochi does a bit of waterfall training

Usually water proof bath posters feature cute, female characters. And, Champion Red is no stranger to fanservice, so you'd expect a bonus bath poster from the magazine magazine to feature some sort of busty gal. Except, the November issue, out this week goes in the opposite direction, featuring Grappler Baki's burly Doppo Orochi, the karate master based on Kyokushin founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.


The poster features the character doing a bit of waterfall training..


The character is currently starring in Baki Gaiden Kenjin, which is written and directed by written and illustrated by Kenko Miyatani, with input from series creator Keisuke Itagaki. The seinen series launched back in June.



The issue also feature a color page for Saint Seiya - Saintia Shō, the female Saint lead fight manga illustrated by Chimaki Kuori


via Natalie and Akiba Blog (NSFW)


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