Cosplay Hotel Carpet Camouflage Provokes Cease & Desist

Fabric based on Marriot Marquis Atlanta's carpets prompts action from manufacturer

Looks like a cosplay crafter got a bit too cute and prompted a cease and desist order, except not from one of the IP holders you might expect. Harrison Krix, a prop-builder and cosplayer, put together a camouflage outfit for DragonCon in Atlanta based off of the Marriot Marquis Atlanta's carpets. When he later attempted to sell his fabric, that incurred the wraith of the carpet's manufacturer.


As Volpin Props explains:

Of all the things to get a Cease and Desist over, of ALL the replicas I've made over the years, I've received one from Courtisan Inc, designers if the Marriott Marquis Atlanta hotel carpet. Spoonflower has pulled the design, as is their right, so sorry everyone who wanted some fabric of their own!

The absurdity is palpable.



via TechDirt


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