VIDEO: BABYMETAL's Headbanging New Live Concert Set

Three disc set goes on sale today

Japan’s pre-eminent idol-pop-meets-metal act BABYMETAL have released a new live concert Blu-ray and DVD today in Japan called “LIVE ~LEGEND I, D, Z APOCALYPSE~”, and they’ve chosen to herald the three-disc set with a teaser video containing concert footage and sense-baffling narration. Prepare for the fox god apocalypse below!



The live concerts contained on the set include:

LEGEND “I” 2012/10/6 at Shibuya O-EAST
LEGEND “D” SU-METAL Seitansai 2012/12/20 at Akasaka BLITZ
LEGEND “Z” 2013/2/1 at Zepp Tokyo



The Blu-ray box of “LIVE ~LEGEND I, D, Z APOCALYPSE~” costs about US$75.00 and comes included with a scary red and black slipcase, guys in skeleton costumes, and excessive fiery plumes of conflagration. 


BABYMETAL official facebook page



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